Senior Pastor, Dr. Christopher Armstrong

A Brief Biography for


 “A Man Ministering to the Masses for the Master”




Dr. Christopher C. Armstrong serves as the Senior Pastor of Mt. Vernon Community Missionary Baptist Church in Indianapolis, IN. He, along with his wonderful wife, Dr. Adrienne Armstrong and family, moved from Brandon, MS in April of 2012. Since his arrival, his energy, efforts, and enthusiasm have encouraged the minds and hearts of not only the church, but the community and city at large. 


Dr. Armstrong believes that the church's mission is to help the hurting by ministering to the less fortunate, let down, and the left out - regardless of their social, spiritual, or economical status. He believes in edifying the Body of Christ by Exalting the Savior, Educating and Equipping the Saints, and Evangelizing the Sinners. His strategy for accomplishing this can only happen when pastors in our community and parishioners from all churches persistently and passionately pray and participate on the program of the potentate.


Dr. Armstrong has received training and education from schools, seminaries, institutions, conferences, and seasoned pastors. He has preached across the length and breadth of our country for more than thirty years, and has served as senior pastor for the following churches; Rock Star Baptist Church, Brandon, MS; United Baptist Church, Pearl, MS; and the Greater Antioch Baptist Church, Hattiesburg, MS.


Within the ten years of being sent by God to the Indianapolis area, Dr. Armstrong has rightfully garnered the respect of his pastoral peers. He has served as the President of the Baptist Ministers' Foresight Alliance of Indianapolis and Vicinity; weekly Lecturer of the Missionary Baptist Ministers' Alliance of Indianapolis; and he is on the Board of Directors for Westside Community Ministries, Inc., B.U.I.L.D. (Believers United in Local Development), S.O.S. (Save Our Seed), and the Westside Center for Excellence. Dr. Armstrong is an appointed Chaplain for the Marion County Sherriff’s Department.


Dr. Armstrong and his wife have five adult children, and four grand-children.