The Deacons' Ministry

The Deacons are the pastor’s immediate assistants. Their primary responsibility is to assist the Pastor in carrying out the Master through His Church. In the early church, the preachers had the responsibility of ministering to all of the church, both spiritual and physical. This became too demanding on the physical strength and endurance of the preachers, who needed to be in prayer and the Word of God. Acts 6:1-4.  In the light of this, the Deacons make a special contribution by relieving the Pastor of these burdens. The Deacons is second in rank to the Pastor and should always uphold the Pastor and his God-given program for the church. These men are to be appointed to the office of Deacon to serve, and not to try to run the Church, and not to give orders to the church and the Pastor, relative to the administrative functions of the church. 1 Thess. 5:12

One Deacon serve as leader to serve mainly as spokesman and to keep the other Deacons informed on the Pastor’s and church’s wishes. He will also meet with the pastor as a part of his executive staff monthly.