The Mission Ministry

The mission ministry is a mission-oriented group in the church. Its focus is on charity, evangelism and Christian education inside the church. This ministry makes a conscious effort to locate a need - spiritual, physical, or material - and seek to meet that need in the Spirit of the Great Commission. They make it possible for women and men through their prayers, gifts, and service in their own community to “Go.” They  are responsible for visiting the sick, derived and destitute, and administering services needed. Matthew 25:35-40; and James 2:15-17. This ministry is responsible for going into the nursing homes or health care center and ministering to the needs of the patients, whether it be sharing the Word of God, reading, singing, praying, etc. This ministry must also keep reports and share with the Pastor and congregation ways in which we can help spiritually, physically, or mentally. 1 Timothy 5:1-4; Deuteronomy 26:12