The Trustee Ministry

The church is a spiritual body which cannot be incorporated properly so a parallel body or an internal body becomes the legal entity before the state.

Various dictionaries help us to defining the trustee by reminding us that trustees are persons who manage for others or who hold title on behalf of others.

The word trust is the key word it means that a church has put its confidence in a group of its members and have given them the duty of caring for their material possessions.

The trustee ministry team should not be considered a board to rule but a ministry to serve. They are not to manage the affairs of God but to minister properly the affairs of God.

They are to sign legal documents on behalf of the church, take care of the church's property, including, but not limited to the physical structure of the church, vehicles that the church own, and any other properties that are not connected to the physical address or sanctuary.

The Trustees will meet monthly to discuss their duties and obligations listed above

The leader of this ministry will meet with the pastor as a part of his executive staff monthly.